Lessons Learned During Sliding Glass Door Replacement and Concrete Balcony Repairs in a Hurricane Coastline

Coastal environments are considered to be some of the harshest conditions that a building can be subjected to. Over time, the combination of salt, humidity and wind can significantly decrease the service life of important building envelope components. Since the early 1980’s, a twelve (12)-story oceanfront condominium building has been subjected to these harsh conditions. During a preliminary investigation of the building, conditions of the aluminum framed sliding glass doors and exterior balconies revealed that they were in various states of deterioration and corrosion, such that repairs were considered to be necessary. This presentation highlights the first phase of this case study and identify the issues experienced during the repair project.  

Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of this session, each attendee will be able to:

  • Effectively formulate reasonable details and repair scope requirements for the installation of the new sliding glass doors and concrete balcony waterproofing.

  • Interpret building code requirements, industry standards and manufacturer’s literature for designing the new sliding glass doors.

  • Interpret building code requirement, industry standards and manufacturer’s literature, in addition to identifying in-field issues for the light gauge metal framing.

  • Correctly identify and interpret the building code requirements and industry standards for water testing new sliding glass doors.
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